The Investigators didn’t know what was wrong with Simmons, but they knew his mind was about gone and he was acting very strange indeed. So they gave him a strong sedative and decided to lock him and young Henry in the pharmacy closet while they dealt with whatever was outside. From where they were in the upstairs main hall they could hear the glass shattering and screams of the patients on the floor below being yanked out of their rooms and to their deaths. While in the pharmacy young Henry for some unknown reason decided it would be a good idea to give Simmons a nice big dose of adrenaline and wake him up! (Yeah I know it seemed like a dumb idea to us as well, but we chalked it up to the player being a 10 year old.) Simmons woke in a fit of rage as “He Who Waits” started flooding his mind with visions of killing the others! Mandy who was standing near the door heard a commotion inside the pharmacy so she yanked the door open. Just as she did she saw Simmons take a swipe at the boy with the hunting knife he carried. Henry ducked away just in time. Then Simmons shoved Henry towards Mandy (hoping to throw her off balance) and then charged her! She fired two warning shots (not wanting to kill him) Henry however had other plans as he came up from the floor with his survival knife and stabbed Simmons in the gut…. Nearly killing him. It was at that point that Mandy revealed the she and Simmons were “Undercover Feds” and had been sent here to check into what Dr. Brewer was up to. While this was going on Harvey discovered that the monster had surrounded the house and was even bursting through the floor and walls on the first floor! One of the tentacles ripped through the floorboards on the second floor hallway where the investigators were. Shots were fired and they quickly found that bullets did less than nothing to this creature! Harvey had a small Elder Sign necklace that had been found on Ebenezer’s body and as one of the tentacles attacked him…. It stopped and withdrew in mid-swing. He was then aware that the Elder Sign seemed to repel this thing. Dr.Lee now seeing the monster for the first time suffered a heart attack. He survived but only just. The house was now shaking from all the structural damage. The head of the beast ripped through the first floor. Mandy made a fire bomb and tossed it from the upstairs balcony at the creature. There was a fantastic explosion and unlike bullets… fire did a great deal of damage to the creature…. It also did a great deal of damage to the house… which was now on fire as well. The creature shrieked an unearthly howl and pulled back out of the now burning house. In the middle of all this Dr. Lee had drugged both Simmons and the boy so they could cause no more harm…. However now they had to get everyone out of here while they had the chance. They raced towards the stairwell in the back of the house hoping to make it down and out before the fire got to them. Mandy had to drag Simmons and Henry down the stairs resulting in Henry’s broken leg and Simmons broken arm. They did make their way out of the house and to the old fuel pump shed, using the Elder Sign to hold the creature at bay. Once inside they knew it was only a matter of time now before the thing got to them. Harvey devised a plan… one that would help everyone else escape. He would rig all the gas barrels to not only blow, but to ignite the main line to the house! He asked Mandy to take the Elder Sign and get the others as far away as she and Dr. Lee could. They said a short goodbye and then the end came… They were about 30 yards away when the creature realized that the Elder Sign was no longer protecting the old man. The giant beast swarmed the shed…. And then the night lit up! The fuel shed and house exploded in a massive fireball that incinerated everything close to it! The fireball could be seen from the mainland and the Coastguard was dispatched. They arrived at the island just before dawn and collected the survivors. After reports had been filed (leaving out the part about a giant tentacle monster from another world)

Mandy Thompson was fired and became an occult investigator.
Darrell Simmons spent a year in an asylum.
Harvey Walters was dead.
Henry Walters spent 5 years in prison for the attempted murder of a federal agent.
Dr. Vincent Lee retired due to a weakened heart.
All in all that’s a happy ending for a Cthulhu Game!



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