The investigators headed for the north beach of the island. They decided to check out Mr. Shelly’s camp before heading to the lighthouse. When they arrived it was clear that they were far too late. The camp had been ransacked. There were signs of a struggle and some tracks where someone had drug something away from the camp. Other than a gun and box of bullets nothing else was found that was very helpful to the investigators. They then headed for the lighthouse and decided to check the tracks later. The lighthouse had not seen use in many years and was in disrepair. The ground floor was all but an empty room with a small set of stairs leading up to a trapdoor for the second floor. Mr. Simmons and young Henry had to beat on the door with a hammer to get it unstuck. Then they opened it! The creature that had come through the portal had made its way here to hide. And filled the second floor with bulbous egg sacks. The very site of this thing from beyond ripped the sanity from Mr. Simmons! (Leaving him at 0 sanity) the boy kept his wits as they both dove off the stairs to avoid being grabbed by a tentacle that whipped out at them! The short of it is…. They ended up setting the lighthouse on fire and making a run for it. On their way back they were attacked in the woods by Charles Johnson the missing nurse. He was clearly crazed and bent on only murder. Mr. Simmons was the one that brought him low and broke his neck…. But not before the psychopath managed to wound Mandy with his axe! They decided to take his body back to the house and along the way found the altar where Charles had been ritualistically murdering people for his new god. Once back in the relative safety of the walls of the sanatorium the investigators sat down for a much needed rest and some food. As Blanche was returning from the kitchen with a cake…. The window behind her smashed open and a slimy tentacle shot in and wrapped around her neck… it then yanked her through the window into the darkness beyond! The investigators are now doing their best to barricade themselves in the middle of the house. They do not yet realize that their darkest hour will be just before dawn!



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