The next morning more bad news was on the way. The team spent a good deal of time rounding up the patients and getting them medicated and back in their rooms. Then after reading through Dr. Brewer’s journal they found that he had been using a Mythos book. Harvey found the book and read through it. This simple action cost him some sanity but he gained the knowledge of how to create the Elder Sign! Dr. Lee and the boy went down to the boat house and found that the small boat had been sunk and Old’ Ebenezer had been hacked to bits!
Seeing as they would not be leaving the island anytime soon everyone began to search for clues. As bad as things seemed, once they started putting the pieces together it was looking a lot worse. Seems that a patient “Mr. Hawkins” who was …. Well… bat-shit crazy had used his own blood to draw a Gate on the wall of his room….. Something had come through from the other side! All they know for sure is that whatever it was, it was known as “He Who Waits”.
They believe that whatever came through to our world headed for the lighthouse on the north end of the island. So the current plan is to wait for dawn and head that way…. Maybe even find the missing nurse along the way.



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