The Year is 1927. Dr. Aldous Brewer is a brilliant medical doctor in the field of human psychology. He runs a private sanatorium on a small island off the coast of New England. His methods have come into question as of late. He however believes that he has made a breakthrough in psychotherapy. As we open up this story Dr. Brewer has invited fellow colleagues Harvey Walters and Vincent Lee to come to the island for a few days and see the results for themselves. He also invited a journalist team from “The Journal of the American Psychological Society” to join them. (Hoping they will debunk the allegations that he has lost his mind.) The party included Henry Walters (Harvey’s grandson) as well. They all met up at the docks with the ferryman Ebenezer who would be taking them out to the island by way of a small motorboat. During the almost two hour ride out to the island Ebenezer was very talkative, telling wild tales of faraway lands and his days as a sailor in his youth. Most of these stories were dismissed as flights of fancy. When they arrived at the one small dock on the island, Ebenezer pointed the guest up the jagged stairs toward the warm lights of the sanatorium while he stayed behind to take care of the boat. It didn’t take long for the group to reach the top of the stairs and then the front door of the sanatorium. It did however take awhile for them to realize something was amiss. As they stood there knocking at the door a man who was clearly a patient came charging around the corner and tried to attack Mandy. The men in the group quickly subdued him just as a little old lady with frazzled hair opened the front door. She introduced herself as Blanche and began scolding the man they had subdued. As it turned out his name was Leonard Hawkins and he had a tendency to become violent towards women. She drug him up by his color and proceeded to take him back to his room. Blanche pointed the guest towards the library and told them they were welcome to wait there while she took Mr. Hawkins back to his room and finished dinner. She did however ask them to not enter the living room as she had a mess in there to clean up. The two journalists of course slipped away into the living room at the first chance they got. While the others were in the library looking over the well stocked collection and Vincent Lee got slapped by a pretty young thing sitting on the couch reading. He determined that she was one of the “Coo Coo’s”. In the living room Mandy and Darrell made a grisly discovery. One of the nurses lay face down in a pool of blood. When they rolled her over she had a small pair of scissors upturning from her eye. The two decided to keep this quiet until they knew more about what was going on. Blanche was pretty forward about being a “patient” here. She however raised the rest of the parties’ suspicions that things were amuck when every time someone asked about members of the staff, including Dr. Brewer, she would only respond with… “They’re taking a nap.” The entire group began to explore the house while young Henry stayed down in the kitchen eating and keeping Blanche busy talking. It didn’t take long for them to find the remains of Dr. Brewer… He had been staked out on the floor of his office. His arms and legs had been hacked off and he had been disemboweled in ritualistic manner. A quick search of his office revealed his journal, a hand gun and the records of all the patients. The entire group decided on “Safety in numbers” and held up in Dr. Brewer’s bedroom for the night. There was little sleep to be had as Dr. Walters poured over the journal and Dr. Lee went through the medical records. Oh and there was also the screams of agony and chanting floating on the breeze from somewhere on the north end of the island.




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